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Vehicle Insurance Requirements

While other insurance companies put the laim in claim, Garagefathers is busy putting the assurance in insurance.

From the high winder, to the low riders; from the flat heads to the lead sleds, whether you’re into race cars or mopars, Garagefathers is your one stop shop to insure your automotive needs.

Auto Insurance

The Garagefathers are here for YOU and your favorite set of wheels. We are ready to make sure your prized possession is protected the way you want it to be protected. Whether we insure you or not, let us help! There are way too many pitfalls you can run into when making insurance decisions. Let us evaluate your current coverage, show you what you have, and see if you are paying a fair price for your current coverage. We treat everyone like family and give you the inside track on things most agents don’t like to tell you about. You see, we are dedicated to bringing integrity and honesty back into the insurance field. We are focused on your bottom line, not our own.

Garagefathers Insurance is committed to restoring an outstanding level of service that has become obsolete in our industry. Custom-tailored policies will maximize coverage for every customer dollar spent. Garagefathers Insurance’s dedication is sure to become legendary in a world of inadequacies, because a love of vehicles and their owners makes amazing service easy.

Types of Auto Insurance

Every state requires drivers to have auto insurance. If you don’t have insurance, you must have financial responsibility waivers. These waivers ensure that you can pay for property damages or medical expenses. There are several components that can make up your insurance policy:

  • Liability coverage protects you if you are at fault for a collision. It pays for medical expenses and vehicle damage for the other driver and passengers.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage pays for damages to your car and medical expenses if an uninsured driver hits your car.
  • Collision coverage pays to repair your vehicle, if you were at fault for the damage.
  • Underinsured motorist coverage pays damages for your car if someone hits it, but their insurance can’t pay for your car damages.
  • Comprehensive coverage pays for damage to your car due to theft, fire, or falling objects.

Auto insurance helps pay for the injuries and damage that can happen when you own and drive a car or other motor vehicle. Your motor vehicle may be an auto, truck, van, motorcycle, or another kind of private passenger vehicle.

California Law

You must show financial responsibility for any vehicle that you own, in case of injury to other people or damage to their property. Most people show financial responsibility by buying auto liability insurance. California law states,

“All drivers and all owners of a motor vehicle shall at all times be able to establish financial responsibility and shall at all times carry in the vehicle evidence of the form of financial responsibility in effect for the vehicle.”

If you do not have auto liability insurance, you can be fined, your license may be suspended, and your vehicle could be impounded.

Your Auto Policy

Your auto insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. It explains:

  • Types of Auto Insurance
  • Your coverages—the different things your policy covers
  • Your exclusions—the things your policy does not cover

Compare Policies

Auto policies can vary a lot. Discuss your insurance needs openly with your agent, broker, or insurance company. They can help you, but it is your responsibility to choose the insurance that is best for you.

You should always get several quotes. A quote is an estimate of your premium cost. Compare quotes before you buy a policy.

Know Your Policy

It is important to be familiar with your auto policy before you need it. Read it carefully. The Declarations page is a useful summary of your policy.

  • Call your agent, broker, or insurance company if you do not understand something in your policy.
  • Tell your agent, broker, or insurance company if you sell or buy a car or have new drivers in your household.
  • Read your policy before you allow others to drive your car. Some drivers might be excluded from your policy. This means that the policy will not cover accidents when they are driving.