Garagefathers in Exeter, CA

About the Founding Garagefathers: “Getting to know the minds behind the Garagefathers.”

Founded in 2019

The Garagefathers was founded by Kenny Munyon and Tom Redemer, who have a passion for restoring and enjoying all types of antique, classic, and custom cars and trucks. We seek to inspire the younger generation to get involved in the preservation of automotive history. We are a family-oriented club/organization, dedicated to keeping the automotive dream alive. Together we can uphold the tradition of enjoying all things automotive. We look forward to supporting your next car club event.

To say that Kenny Munyon is passionate about cars is an understatement. Kenny has been in love with cars since he rode in his Uncle's "55 Chevy at 5 years old. The feel of the tuck n' Roll upholstery, The smell of unburned fuel, and the sound of a big block and Muncie 4 speed torturing a set of tires forever changed the trajectory of his life. Kenny built his first car at 12 years old. Since then Kenny has personally Bought and sold over 400 collectible cars, Kenny's passion for playing with cars is matched only by his passion for insuring them. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, Kenny has been an award-winning Agent, Manager, and Agency owner. Garagefathers was a carefully planned out business strategy and Kenny knew he would need a partner that was equally passionate about cars as he was in order to make Garagefathers a reality. When Kenny met Tom, they instantly knew they had to combine all of their lives experience and interests to make Garagefathers become a reality.

Tom RedemerTom has been interested in older vehicles from the age of three when he used to love listening to older trucks going through the gears. He has even been in trouble for telling his parents to be quiet to listen to a car or truck he thought was cool. In high school, he purchased his first 1967 Camaro, the first of close to 45 older Camaros he would have over the next six years. Tom was always interested in driving something old, and fast. He later became interested in Cab Over Trucks of the ’40s and was lucky enough to acquire one of the original trucks used in the Movie, Jeepers Creepers. He finished a lengthy restoration on the truck in 2016 and it was used once again in Jeepers 3. Tom’s passion has more to do with preservation, whether that is a hot rod, or a bone stock classic. He’s not the best mechanic or the best fabricator, and he doesn’t know everything about older cars and trucks. But he believes we learn as we go, and constantly adds items to his personal bags of talents. What Tom sets out to do, will get done, and be done right, and that is all that matters.

As an avid car enthusiast, restorer, and collector, we plan to start a niche market agency that will target fellow car enthusiasts while retaining the ability to serve non-enthusiast clients. In short, we are going to start California’s Premier Agency for car enthusiasts: Garagefathers Insurance. Our goal is to create a brand that will be recognized throughout the collector car community.