Garagefathers in Exeter, CA

Testimonials: “Here’s how our clients are gauging our performance.”

Some people are born into wonderful families. Others have to find or create them.

"When our teenage son got his license, we knew we needed to change our out insurance company. I called Kenny Munyon at Garagefathers Insurance. After going over our current coverage and asking the right questions, he was able to add our son to our new policy AND get us more coverage, while still making the same monthly payments. The whole process took about 15 minutes, my time and the transition was seamless. I highly recommend working with Garagefathers Insurance for all your insurance needs." -  Amy Jo L.

"I had such a fun experience at the Garagefathers! I’ve never seen any insurance companies like this before, that brings you back to a time with style and class. I enjoyed the friendly customer service and how thorough they were in finding me the best policy that works for my family and my needs. The uniforms are the cherry on the top of the entire experience!, Thanks Garagefathers!" - Heather S.

"I highly recommend Kenny at Garagethathers Insurance! He saved me a lot of money on my two vehicles@! A great business and even greater people! Kenny goes out of his way to give the best service and provide the best rates. Really happy I switched! A few days after switching over, I received a very kind handwritten letter from Kenny and Tom. Sent via USPS even." - Jeff G.